DIY / Protein Treatment

What Is A Protein Treatment?

Protein treatments penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Use of protein treatments stop hair breakage, rebuild hair structure and makes your hair shine and grow. Healthy hair is achieved with the use of protein treatments. However do not use protein treatments like you do hair conditioners at every hair wash. Because protein treatments penetrate the hair shaft too much can cause breakage.

DIY Protein Treatment

At the moment my hair is in a pretty good state (according to my hairdresser), but i'm always on the look out for different homemade treatments that will help to strengthen my hair, promote growth and prevent breakage. You can only imagine my face when i came across this easy, homemade protein treatment. I got straight into it and now i'm here sharing it with you guys, so enjoy and let me know how you get on.



  • Coconut Milk (1 tin)

BENEFITS: It contains vitamin C, E, B and fats which can prove effective in moisturizing hair. A great source of oils and protein.  Fresh coconut milk can nourish hair and promote hair growth. It’s said to be useful for controlling excessive hair loss too.

  • 1 Egg

BENEFITS: A great source of protein and nutrients. Due to the high protein content, eggs can be used to strengthen hair follicles. Equally, the nutrients in it add volume, shine and texture.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 tablespoon)

BENEFITS: Rich in vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants. Replaces moisture and elasticity. Great healing and preserving properties, helping to restore and retain hair’s health.

  • Argan Oil (1 tablespoon)

BENEFITS: Argan Oil is rich in vitamin E, contains omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids which provide nutrition for your hair. Other properties of Argan Oil that help to;

Hydrate your hair, adds shine to your hair, penetrate the hair shaft – it absorbs straight away, repair damaged hair follicles and restore moisture to your hair.

  •  Coconut Oil (1 tablespoon)

BENEFITS: Coconut oil is completely absorbed by the hair, prevents protein loss and boosts shine,  antibacterial properties protect the scalp against infections resulting in itching, dandruff and weak dry hair.

  • Hibiscus Tea (powder)

BENEFITS: Conditions, stimulates growth and prevents hair loss. Add 1 teaspoon of the powder to a cup of boiling water, mix and then add 2 tablespoons of the tea to your mix.


  1. Add all the ingredients above in a container/bowl of your choice

  2. Mix it together with a whisk or a fork

  3. Once all mixed up, section your hair into four and apply mixture. This can get pretty messy as its runny, so i would advise that you wear a towel around your neck and lay one across the floor. Alternatively you could apply the mixture whilst in the shower/bath.

  4. Apply the mixture to each section from root to tip

  5. Cover your hair in cling film and then wrap a towel around your head.

  6. Leave the treatment in for 40mins and then rinse it out with lukewarm water (do not use hot water as the egg may set in your hair).

  7. Once you’re done, you must follow up with a deep conditioner to restore moisture. Protein treatments can make your hair feel hard/stiff.

TIP: If you have any left, freeze and reuse within 4 weeks. 

Ingredients mixed

Ingredients mixed

Mixture applied to hair

Mixture applied to hair

Hair wrapped in cling film and towel

Hair wrapped in cling film and towel


My hair has never felt or looked so good in such a long time. For the past few months, my hair has been looking pretty dull, so i'm really happy that i have my shine back. Yay! Plus my curls are so much more defined and my hair feels and looks healthy.

I choose to air dry my hair, as i'm trying to reduce the amount of heat that i use. And i was pretty impressed with the results as i could see my natural curl pattern, which isn't always achieved when you use a blow dryer.

I plan to do this treatment once a month and see how i get on. 

Defined curls from root to tip

Defined curls from root to tip

Better twist out

Better twist out

Shiny hair

Shiny hair

TIP: You can thicken your treatment and add more protein by adding in some mayonnaise and/or avocado (riper the better) in your mixture.


What’s your protein treatment regimen, and how does it benefit your hair?