The Women In The Jungle Natural Hair Show

If I could sum up the WITJ natural hair and beauty show in one word, it would be…inspirational. The lovely Miss Vaughan (natural hair & beauty Vlogger ) said to 'Be fierce at every stage'. And I can confirm that the ladies on attendance were most definitely fierce at every stage. I’m talking stylish TWA’s, long bouncy curls, funky shaved tapered haircuts, colour blocking and of course the classic afro were all on show.

Natural ladies in the audience

It was so nice to see the different hair textures, hairstyles and the versatility of having kinky, coily, curly hair. But nothing topped the confidence that these ladies (and the odd gentleman) carried. It was inspirational.

Natural ladies in the audience

I also enjoyed seeing the variety of hair and beauty products on show and being the shopping junkie that I am, i wanted to try a bit of everything. But my purse wouldn’t allow it, so I just enjoyed the view. 


Entwine Couture

We also had the pleasure of hearing from Valley Fontaine (BBC Journalist), Colleen Harris (business woman) and Helen Mitchell (BBC Journalist). They discussed the subject of hair in the workplace (more so the corporate world) and shared their different experiences. 

I’ve worn my hair straight for the past 15 years, so I've never thought about how my natural hair would affect my chances in a job interview or promotion. It was really interesting to hear everyone’s experiences and how they dealt with their hair whilst working in the corporate world. 

Fortunately now that i'm natural i don't tend to worry about my hair at work.  I do get the get the odd questions and comments but they're generally positive, so this just fuels me to being myself. So I just want to encourage you ladies to be happy and confident with your natural hair when going for a job interview or promotion, and don't forget to use your common sense. We all know that dying your hair bright pink before you go for a role as Barrister for example, probably won't get you that job. The focus should be on your skills and not your hair.

Valley Fontaine and me

Valley Fontaine and me

One of the highlights of the show was listening to the beautiful Ms Vaughan talk about her journey from the big chop to long shoulder length hair (in it’s curly state). She shared photos of each fierce stage of her journey...rocking a TWA (teeny weeny afro) with colour at the short stage, and at that time she had no online hair support (thank god for the support now). To looking fly with her frohawk at the medium stage and then feeling confident and content at shoulder length stage.

Prior to the show I felt that once I gained a considerably amount of length, I would be able to rock any style I wanted with confidence. But Ms Vaughan message reminded me that regardless of the stage that you’re at, you should always wear your hair with style, confidence and of course fierceness.

So don't forget ladies...BE FIERCE AT EVERY STAGE!