Free Font Friday / Intro Condensed

Intro Condensed is part of the Intro type system, which consists of 50 unique font styles and weights. A well-finished, geometric design, the Light and Black weights of Intro Condensed are currently available as a free download from FontFabric. 


Name: Intro Condensed

Designer:  FontFabric 

Details: The family is characterised by excellent legibility both in print and on the web, a well-finished geometric design, optimised kerning, etc. Also available for purchase in other Intro weights and styles from the FontFabric website.

Best For: Headlines, posters, t-shirts and logo's

Usage: Personal

Format: OTF


Have you created or discovered any exciting fonts recently? Share them with me here.

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Free Font Friday / Scriber

Scriber Stencil is a single weight, free stencil font consisting of 250 characters, manual kerning and Euro symbol. Designed by Newcastle creative director Jonathan Hill, Scriber is a gorgeous take on the stencil format. 


Name: Scriber

Designer: Jonathan Hill

Details: A technical square edged font influenced by modern architecture and computer aided design.

Best For: Headlines, posters and titles.

Usage: Personal

Format: TTF



Have you created or discovered any exciting fonts recently? Share them with me here.


Adobe Kuler / A Great Colour Tool For Your Designs

If you're looking for a great tool that can help in the hunt for that perfect palette! Then check out Adobe Kuler, which is colour resource that i've been using for years. 


Kuler is a cloud-based application that helps you find colour inspiration anywhere. You can find colour themes using an iPhone or your web browser. You can create and share your own combinations of colours, browse through community themes, sync themes directly to your Adobe software (Kuler Extension) and immediately use them in your designs.

Web Browser

View the website HERE

Mobile App

There are two ways to create Kuler colour themes on the iPhone: using the colour wheel, and using the camera. The colour wheel is exactly the same as the redesigned colour wheel on Kuler’s website — you drag small circles around the wheel to create millions of colour themes. You also have the standard rules at your disposal (analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, etc.) to generate a multi-colour palette using your chosen colour as a starting point. You also have the ability to change hex values for one or all of the colours in your theme.

Download the app HERE

Adobe Software

In your Adobe software go to Windows > Extension > Kuler



What’s your favourite colour resource?


Free Font Friday / Quirky Nots

Toronto based typographer Amit Jakhu created this fun and playfully unique typeface for his Typography 6 class. He released it because he wouldn't have further developed it after finishing college - and we couldn't thank him enough!

It was a huge learning curve for Jakhu and we think he's done a great job for a first timer. He's happy for you to modify it, share it and basically do whatever you want with it. It is fully available to use anywhere; no restrictions!


Name: Quirky Nots

Designer: Amit Jakhu

Details: This fun, quirky display font is available in upper and lowercase.

Best For: Headlines, titles and captions

Usage: Personal and commercial




Have you created or discovered any exciting fonts recently? Share them with me here.


Free Font Friday / Adam


As a lover of typography, I'm always on the look out for new and exciting free typefaces. So I’ve decided I'll be sharing my findings with you all every Friday (my favourite day of the week). 

Whether you're looking for something fresh for your designs or you simply want to jazz up your documents, I’m sure I'll be able to help. 

Your Friday’s are about to get even more exciting.


Name: Adam

Designer: Shrenik Ganatra

Details: It is an all caps, sans serif typeface, which has a sharp and clean appearance. 

Best For: Headlines, posters, titles and captions. 

Usage: Personal and commercial



Have you created or discovered any exciting fonts recently? Share them with me here.


How To Get Expressive With Typography

Meaning: Expressive Typography is an art form where text is highly visual; actually, type becomes an image. Letters are not just abstract notions, carriers of meaning; they are also real, physical shapes.


I’ve always been interested in the different ways of communicating through type, visually and verbally, as I love to see when type takes on a personality of it’s own. Graphic designers today use various type treatments to give their designs an extra touch that is not only visually interesting but also strengthens the message.

There are different ways in which this can be done and this includes and is not limited to…

  • Displacement of letterforms
  • Dimensionality and materiality
  • Imagery complimenting type
  • Using objects as type
  • Handwriting or drawing the type


"Type has spirit and can convey mood; that could be your medium." - Paula Scher


Displacement of letterforms

By playing with different weights, sizes and the arrangement of letterforms, it helps to express certain ideas more effectively. If we take the word 'Delete' for example and remove a character, it brings additional meaning to the word. See some examples below...

Dimensionality and Materiality

Dimensional type is used to enhance communication by separating typography and other elements by pushing it forward on the compositional surface.

Certain techniques are employed today as an effective way to grab attention. Like the Sky 3D logo below, by adding a three dimensional quality to the type helps expand its meaning. Which then provides the viewer with a visual clue to the subject matter. If we take the smoking advert below, this is a great example of how you can achieve a sense of realism and tangibility by giving the type a textured treatment, which also helps to elaborate the subject matter.

Imagery Complimenting Type

When type is treated and synthesised with an image it works to convey a specific message and also evoke connotative images. See a couple of examples below.

Using objects as type

When using objects and resembling as letterforms, a direct and literal relationship is created between the message, image and the type than when placed with complementary images. See the examples below on objects that make type.

Handwriting or drawing the type

Handwritten and drawn type have a certain rhythm and uniqueness to it. Graphic designers today use this type of expressive typography to give their message more of a personal/intimate connection. The examples below show how handwritten type can have an emotional quality and/or show a personal touch.


What do you love about expressive typography?


Dating A Designer: 10 Things You Need To Know

I came across this post a few weeks ago and I couldn't stop chuckling to myself. The guys at Yoke Design have come up with ten things you need to consider when dating a designer. My personal favourites are number 2, 5, 6, 7 and 10. Check it out...


So you’ve nabbed yourself a designer and life is good. You inherently feel more creative and have a newfound confidence wearing glasses. But before you dive headfirst into a world of logos and coffee and deadlines, there are a few quirks you ought to consider when dating designer folk.

1 / They are always right

You may think it will be fun to re-decorate your living room with the help of your designer partner, but you’re wrong. It’s not fun. Not unless you are familiar with pantones, rules of aesthetics and tungsten lighting. Forget mixing your Mexicali rug with a French provincial coffee table, it’s just not going to happen. It goes against the theme, babe.

2 / Ditch Microsoft Word. And Publisher. And PowerPoint

They will scoff at your use of comic sans and appear frustrated when you don’t understand the importance of good kerning. They will take to the formatting of your resume with a hatchet, and the outcome will be spectacularly more professional than your best suit.

3 / They don’t keep office hours

Some days it may seem like they spend hours sourcing GoT memes and sending you links to puppies falling asleep, while other nights you go to bed alone and are woken at 12 am by cold computer hands. It all comes down to good versus evil clients and deadlines. But you can’t say they aren’t proud of their work, you’d be hard pressed to find a designer willing to hand in something sub-par just to make it home in time for Survivor.

4 / They speak another language

It’s called ‘Adobe’, and you will never understand it.

5 / They freaking love fonts

If your designer is unusually happy today it’s probably because they just stumbled across a bunch of boutique fonts. And they are freaking out. At one stage they may even try to make you watch a documentary on Helvetica. This is normally the point in the relationship where you re-evaluate your life choices.

6 / You’re living with a geek

You’re going to have to come to terms with this. They will geek out over the new iOS home screen and you will not understand why, especially when you’re yelling for them to come upstairs and help you update your laptop because for some reason all your contacts have disappeared.

7 / Gift shopping sucks

It truly sucks. Sometimes you may even resort to typing “stuff designers like” and “birthday presents for designers” into Google in the hope that something amazing and costing approximately $80 (with shipping included) will pop up on your screen. It never happens and nothing will ever be cool/clever enough.

8 / Your wedding invites will be awesome

Think of how amazing they will look. Think of how jealous your friends will be when they go to choose their own sucky wedding cards out of the catalogue at the printing store, or worse – order them online. Revel in your own, perfect, custom-made save-the-dates, invites and thank-you cards while you can.

9 / Two is always better than one

If you don’t have two computer screens, you’re an amateur. You don’t have a rechargeable mouse? You’re unprepared.

10 / Form over function

This fact mainly applies to buying groceries and choosing books. Who would buy that carton of milk when this carton of milk is matte with raised lettering. You think it feels like Braille, and are pretty certain it’s milk for a blind person, but they seem to dig it. Who cares that it costs an extra $4.50?


Download a printable poster here.

Check out the full post here.


Can you add more to the list?


Natural Hair / The Pros & Cons Of Having Curly Hair

We love having curly hair (including the kinky and coily kind) but lets not forget about the cons that come along with it. Tall N Curly is a curly comic who has put a comedic spin on some of the things that us curly headed folks have to deal with. Check it out...

View the entire album here.


What are your pros and cons of having curly hair?


Welcome to Mo's World


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