Microfiber Towel / Great Drying Method For Natural Hair

Microfiber Towel

You’ve shampooed and conditioned and now it's time to dry your hair, so you reach for the only drying method you know...the bath towel. 

Did you know that the surface of most standard bath towels disrupts the cuticle layer, separates the natural “clumping” of curls and contributes to frizz? 

But fear not, as i have alternative option for absorbing excess moisture from the hair without robbing the hair of too much moisture or roughing up its surface. 

A microfiber towel is less fluffy than a regular cotton towel but is actually much more ideal for drying hair and here are some of the benefits...

  • It absorbs water much more rapidly without the need for rubbing;

  • You don't have to rub your hair to get the water out so there is minimal friction between the towel and hair fibres - less friction means less breakage;

  • Hair that's been wrapped in a microfiber towel will dry a lot faster than hair that's been wrapped in a regular towel;

  • It helps to reduce hair frizziness.

My microfiber turban/towel

My microfiber turban/towel

How do you use a microfiber towel?

After washing my hair I give it a gentle squeeze to get rid of the dripping and then I placed the microfiber towel over my head, twist the length of the towel and then secure the end at the back. No need to rub or scrunch, just a gentle pat over the surface is enough.

Where to buy?

I purchased my microfiber towel (turban) from my local hair shop for £1.99, but i'm now thinking of upgrading to a better quality towel which is much larger. Here are a couple well known brands that have received some good reviews...


Have you tried a microfiber towel before? What microfiber towel do you use?


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