4 Great Pompadour Hairstyle Tutorials


Do you love stylish, easy and low maintenance hairstyles? Well this is just for you! 

Along with twist outs, pompadours (also known as an up-do) are one of my favourite go-to styles. When all else fails the pompadour never lets me down. All you'll need is your fingers, bobby pins, hair clips and you’re good to go.

Check out the videos below for instructions on how to create this fantastic style…


1 / Janelle Monae inspired up-do 


2 / Classic Pompadour


3 / Statement Pompadour 


4 / Roll, Tuck and Pin

TIP: Make sure your hair is moisturised prior to styling. 


What's your favourite go-to style?

4 Great Twist Out Tutorials

The twist out helps to maintain healthy hair and it's great for preventing heat damage as no heat is involved. There is no tension on the scalp, which means no damage to the hair follicles. 

I tend to do 2/3 twistouts a week as it helps to blend in my two textures and it gives my frohawk and up-do’s its great effect. This is great for those transitioning and can be used on any hair length.

Check out the videos below for tips on creating a great twist out….


Twist Out on Thin/Fine Natural Hair


Two Strand Twist Secured With a Bantu Knot


The Ultimate Transition Style | Flat Twist & Curl Tutorial


Flat Twist Out Tutorial for TWA & Tapered Cuts


What are your tips for a great curl definition?