Welcome to Mo's World


Hello people and welcome to my blog. Yey!

My name is Mo and I’m so excited to share my passion for graphic design, natural hair (the kinky, coily, curly kind), fashion (I'm no expert, but I'll be sharing what i love) and life. 

My Blog will be dedicated to things like...my graphic design work and my love for art. I'll be posting my homemade recipes for hair and skin, natural hairstyle inspirations, my addiction to accessories and so much more. I'm also hoping that through my journey I’ll be able to inspire, motivate and encourage others.

Check out My Work, the place where I share my latest portfolio of graphic design work. If you have a graphic design need, let’s have a chat and I'll see what i can do.

So don't be a stranger and make sure you like, follow, join and pin me via the links below. Also feel free to interact with me via my blog, contact me via my Say Hello page and of course share this with friends & family.

Now lets have some fun.





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