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Diana / Sisterlocs

Tell us your name and where you are from?

My name is Diana Higgins and i currently live in London as a HR Business Partner.

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 12years.

Why did you make the decision to go natural? 

I’d been thinking of going natural for about a year but actually always knew I wanted dreadlocks at some point of my hair journey.  In fact thinking about it I wanted dreadlocks for about 10 years but always came up with excuses as to why I couldn’t! For example “how will I manage my hair”, “I’m not confident enough to rock this J”, “what will they think at work” (mainly as I work in a very corporate environment).  I’d also come to the point where I wasn’t comfortable using relaxers anymore because having to wear gloves to put the ‘creamy crack’ in my head just didn’t make sense!  In the end I started my transition by having hair extensions for a year to grow out the relaxer.  I then embarked on my dreadlock journey.  I absolutely loved my dreadlocks and had them for approximately 10 years before deciding to embark on my Sisterlocks journey.  This I started in Jan 2012 and have been in love ever since.  Sisterlocks allow the versatility of styling that I felt was slightly limited with dreadlocks.

Diana / Before transitioning

Diana / Before transitioning

What is your hair type/texture?

Not being a hair expert I would say my hair is a mixture of 4B/4C.

Describe your styling regimen over the course of a week.

Easy!  When it comes to my Sisterlocks, one of the greatest benefits is you can literally shake and go, so automatically that saves me about 20 minutes in the morning which equates to extra sleep time! J.  When it comes to a specific regimen I don’t actually have one of yet.  My Sisterlocks are only 2 years old and have only just really started to fully loc and so I have followed the instructions of my consultant by not putting any products in my hair at all!  That said, at least once a week I will spray with a mixture of water and rosewater just to give it a little bit of moisture. 

Diana / Day of Installation

Diana / Day of Installation

Describe a typical wash day. 

When it comes to washing my hair, I tend to do this every 2 weeks and alternate between the Sisterlock shampoo and a Lupine Sugar Shampoo which is made with love and care by the wonderful Annette Clarkley of Almocado. At the beginning of my Sisterlock journey I did have very dry scalp and found it very difficult to wrap my head around the fact that I wasn’t allowed to put any products in my hair.  However as time has gone on my scalp has improved immensely and on doing a little bit of research I realize that my dry scalp was actually caused by the products I used to use in my hair.  Over time the hair follicles become blocked and as the hair grows it pushes the products to the surface which can result in dry scalp.

What is your favourite go to hairstyle?

When I have time it is usually the Mohawk.  I absolutely love this style.

List your top 5 products 

  • Water
  • Rosewater 
  • Sisterlocks Shampoo
  • Lupine Sugar Shampoo

Sorry only 4 for now! 

Diana / Products

Diana / Products

Can you recommend any websites/blogs that are great for providing hair advice, styles and inspirations?

Oh my gosh where do I start!  As well as subscribing to various You Tube channels by the likes of Chescalocs, NaturalNikkiDST, LovingMyLocks and Brittania718 just to name a few!!  My main go to sites would have to be:

If you could give advice to someone currently transitioning or thinking of transitioning, what would it be?

Don’t hesitate and go for it!! It is a wonderful journey and no matter how you choose to wear your natural hair I’m sure it will bring with it a feeling of liberation!  I would also advise them to do their research.  Products and techniques that may have worked on relaxed hair may not necessarily work on or for natural hair.  For example last year I came across the LOC method – Liquid, Oil, Cream.  This method allows you to keep your natural hair soft and provides all the moisture it needs.  I use it on my daughter’s natural hair and it has been an absolute blessing.  I use a mixture of Jamaica Black Castor Oil, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil which works on her hair, but i have been told that the Jamaica Black Castor Oil is too heavy for relaxed hair, so I would say research is an important part of starting your journey.


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